Yer Vue Update.... Is It A Miracle?

 Barbara, Yer Vue and Dori

UK Wilderness Service Project - Nongbia Preschool

Back in May 2012 Sean Day of UK Wilderness Expertise contacted Give Children A Choice about bringing a group of students from the UK to Laos and doing a community service project during their visit.  Check out the complete story with photos here.

Thud Shocking Charity


Contact:  Mirra Raxakoul Desuasido
Thud Rumble
Phone: 650.741.6439


Thud Rumble X Shocking Goat Watch Charity Drive

Successful Startups: How They Did It

The women behind three of New York's hottest startups offer their insight and answer your questions.

This panel is free, with a recommended donation to Give Children A Choice.

Our thanks to Elizabeth Trotta.


Reflections on Laos, the Secret War and Unexploded Ordinance

Reflections on Laos, the Secret War and Unexploded Ordnance
Clarissa Coburn, 11th grade Laguna Blanca School

Clarissa Cobur