‘We could see a lot of pockmarks in the ground – bomb craters’

Note:  As part of our Voluntour program Give Children A Choice hosted a group of young aspiring journalists from Harvard-Westlake School during Friendship Tours World Travel's Laos Investigative Journalism Adventure. The group spent ten adventurous days in Laos immersing themselves in its culture and people, including recent cluster bomb victims and volunteering at Give Children A Choice's preschools.  Marcella was a part of this group.


Kayeng Yang Update: Kayeng's Uncles Need Help Too

Written by Dori Shimoda


Many of you are following Kayeng’s road from his village in Xieng Khouang, Laos to Bumrungrad in Bangkok and back home.  While our job is not complete with Kayeng, it’s important that his two teenage uncles, Seu and Vaneng are taken care of.  They are 13 and 14 years old.  Their shrapnel-filled bodies need to be addressed.

Kayeng Yang Update: Clearing the Way to Safer Grounds

Written by Dori Shimoda

Give Children A Choice's UXO victim advocacy paid off.  After a few email exchanges with MAG USA and MAG Lao, a visit to MAG Laos office in Vientiane late last year, MAG Lao agreed to help.  

MAG Lao sent their UXO team to the Yang’s half-acre property and found 11 UXO, including four BLU26s.  The BLU26 bombie is the most common UXO of the 80 million, left in Lao by the US over 40 years ago.  It was the bombie that blinded Kayeng.   

Kayeng Yang Update - Return Home from Bangkok

 Written by Dori Shimoda


Neither Vakoung nor Kayeng have ever been away from home for so long.  As part of preparing the rice fields, tending and harvesting it, Vakoung may be gone for 3 to 4 days at most.  His rice field is located in the next district about 20 kilometers away from his home. 

Kayeng Yang Update - Angels Have Names

Written by Dori Shimoda

Angels Have Names

Bumrungrad International Hospital is a high-quality, international-standard modern medical facility that has served over a million patients from 190 countries around the world.  The hospital has a lobby that looks like a five-star hotel.  Most important is the hospital’s personal mission to deliver high-quality service and patient care.  The meaning of the word Bumrungrad is “care for the people”.

Kayeng Yang Update - I Am Seven Houses Above the Ground

Written by Dori and Barbara Shimoda


Thongchanh was translating  Vakoung’s conversation with his wife and parents.  He calls his wife and parents everyday.  Kayeng had a big smile on his face, hearing Mommy’s voice.  He asks for Mommy, when he talks in his sleep.