Kayeng Yang Update - Angels Have Names

Written by Dori Shimoda

Angels Have Names

Bumrungrad International Hospital is a high-quality, international-standard modern medical facility that has served over a million patients from 190 countries around the world.  The hospital has a lobby that looks like a five-star hotel.  Most important is the hospital’s personal mission to deliver high-quality service and patient care.  The meaning of the word Bumrungrad is “care for the people”.

Kayeng Yang Update - I Am Seven Houses Above the Ground

Written by Dori and Barbara Shimoda


Thongchanh was translating  Vakoung’s conversation with his wife and parents.  He calls his wife and parents everyday.  Kayeng had a big smile on his face, hearing Mommy’s voice.  He asks for Mommy, when he talks in his sleep. 


Kayeng Yang Update - No Pee Bottle for Me

Written by Dori and Barbara Shimoda


It was 2 am Wednesday morning (February 6th).  Still groggy from the general anesthesia, Kayeng arrived at his hospital room.  The next few hours were taxing for Kayeng, Papa Vakoung and Thongchanh.  They had already been up since 4 am Tuesday morning.  While not family, Thongchanh stayed in the room to translate for Vakoung.  He translated from Thai to Lao.  Vakoung, in turn, translated from Lao to Hmong to Kayeng.

Kayeng Yang Update - Shrapnel That Blasted Kayeng’s Face Was Huge!

Written by Dori and Barbara Shimoda.

The Shrapnel That Blasted Kayeng’s Face Was Huge!!!


The Countdown to Surgery

Kayeng Yang Update - America Gave Me This Gift

Written by Dori Shimoda

When we first observed Kayeng during our visit to his home in Xieng Khouang Province in northern Laos, we watched him play and talk up a storm.  Like clockwork, every five minutes, he stopped whatever he was doing, winced, and pressed his left eye with his hand for a few seconds.  Having achieved apparent relief, he continued playing and talking. 

Kayeng Yang Update - Only Daddy Can Touch Me

Written by Dori Shimoda


Today, January 25, marks the start of a new beginning for Kayeng.  Though from Kayeng’s perspective, it was far from pleasant.  Today is the first day of five intense days of examinations.  There were a team of surgeons and pediatricians conferring to understand the details of bomb’s impact on Kayeng’s face and facial functions and to help them develop a strategy on how to approach Kayeng’s surgery.