Giving the Gift of Reading - Phou Leuay and Na Nan Preschools

Please Help Us Provide Desks for Chomphet Lower Secondary School

Would you be willing to buy a new desk set for the new Chomphet school in Vientiane?  They need everyone's help to furnish the new school building.  

We need 60 sets and 4 teacher's desks, each desk set will accommodate three students.  The price for a set is $65.00.  We will put your name or your company name on the desk to show our appreciation.  This would also be a wonderful holiday gift, purchase a desk in honor or memory of someone else.  We would be happy to send them a card to tell them or their family, just provide us that information.  

Progress Pictures of Chomphet Lower Secondary School



Work Begins on Chomphet Lower Secondary School

B.L. Harbert arrived with a Big Cat (Catepillar) bulldozer and backhoes., a civil engineer Mr. Mark and a work team. The narrow street turns to the school were just wide enough to bring the 18-wheeler flatbed truck in with the Big Machines. 

Chomphet Lower Secondary School

Chomphet Lower Secondary School was built in 1931 by Catholic nuns.  It is located in Sisatthanak District near Chinaimo, 6 to 7 kilometers from the Vientiane Capital center.  It has since been handed over to the Lao government.  It became Vientiane’s first public school.  Since it’s handover, it evolved to become a lower secondary school.  Lower secondary school comprises grades 6, 7 and 8.

Namyen Preschool Handover!

Give Children A Choice finally handed over the Ban Namyen preschool in Mok District in Xieng Khouang Province, northern Laos. Our first three futile attempts were halted due to unpassable roads. Heavy rains caused landslides on the roads with some roads just impossible for regular SUVs to drive on. This time, we left at the beginning of the dry season, the roads were still difficult but were passable. One 60 kilometer stretch took over three hours to navigate due to the severe damage caused by the unusually punishing rainy season.